Inflatable Unicorn Pool Cupholder Floatie

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If you're still holding your drinks in your hand while in the pool, you're practically living in the stone-ages! This floating drink coaster is perfect to set in the pool and place your drink, beer, or cocktail into to hold your drink while you're swimming around or lying on a pool float. Best of all? It's made to look just like a unicorn, so your pool experience will become that much more magical! (Though it comes in many more options)

Just set your drink inside the unicorn's body where there's a magical cup holder, and let it swim around while you have some fun in the pool, meanwhile keeping your drink afloat and safe until your next sip.

No longer will you need to swim to the side of the pool when you're looking for your next sip of your beer or mixed drink. Just call the unicorn to your side, and you'll be sipping beverages in no time!

The unicorn floating pool coaster has a magically colored rainbow mane and tail, comes sold individually, takes just a few breaths to fully inflate, and when fully blow up will measure 13 inches long x 7 inches tall.

  • Easy access to your beer or mixed drink while in the pool

  • Holds 1 drink
  • Works great in pools, oceans, rivers, or lakes

  • Holds beers, mixed drinks, sodas, and more

  • Comes in a bunch of different options

  • Sizes vary by option chosen

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