3D Dog Pillow - Dog Looking Behind Throw Pillow

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This unique pillow will give you something to snuggle with when your dog is gone, or has just had enough of your snuggles and they need a little space. Made to look just like a real dog that's giving that all to familiar look of gazing behind themselves, the 3D dog pillow is perfectly shaped for hugs and snuggles.

The 3D dog pillow comes in three different versions, a black/brown combo, a black/white combo, and a golden colored version. There's also other versions of other types of dogs along with a tiger.

  • Unique 3D dog pillow
  • Made to look like a real dog
  • 6 different animals to choose from
  • Perfect for hugs and snuggles
  • Makes a great body pillow
  • Is a printed design onto soft material
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