Wagging Cat Tail Gloves - Touchscreen Enabled Funny Cat Gloves

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Fall is coming whether you're ready or not and these new Cat Tail Gloves are the cat's pajamas and a must for your fall and winter wardrobe. They not only keep your freezing fingers warm with a cute kitty, but they let also let you have a little fun by wagging the cat's tail with your index finger...all while letting you browse your phone, tablet, or any other touch screen device. 

Wagging Cat Tail Gloves

The outside of the gloves are made with a suede-like material and the insides are nice and fluffy (my hands are already on cloud 9 just thinking about that!). The index and thumb fingers come equipped with conductive padding that allows you to navigate any smartphone or tablet you have.

Wagging Cat Tail Gloves

The gloves come in one size and are designed to fit a hand that has a palm circumference that is 16-19 cm. The full length of the glove is 24 cm.

  • Glove with cat image on top
  • Outer material is suede-like
  • Inner material is fluffy
  • Index and thumb fingers designed for use with touch phones and tablets
  • Cat tail on index finger looks like it is wagging when you move your finger
  • Measures 19 cm wide and 24 cm tall
  • Three cat color options available: Brown Tabby, Orange Tabby, B/W bicolor
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