Hamburger Cat or Dog Bed

  • $207.95

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The hamburger bed is a pillow/bed for your dog or cat that looks like a hamburger and is perfect for pets that just like to hide out in dark cavernous places, but also for pets who love hamburgers. While your dog or cat is lounging in their hamburger bed, you as a human can also enjoy the comfort of a hamburger as you take a nap in your very own cheeseburger bed along with loaded toppings to keep you extra warm and snug.

The hamburger shaped cat bed comes in three different colors to choose from including Brown/Light yellow/Green, and has two different sizes for each (small and medium). See below for measurements for each bed size.

The hamburger cat/dog bed has two types of enclosures, one of which uses buttons to keep the top bun attached to the bottom bun, whereas the other version uses a zipper.

Small = 18.11 inches wide
Medium = 20.47 inches wide

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