Genius Suction Cup Dishes and Glasses Brush Cleaner - One Handed Wine Glass and Cup Cleaner

  • $14.95

If your house is anything like mine, your living companions will use a cup once, leave it lying around and then grab a new one every single time they get a little parched. The result - a sink full of cups at the end of every day. And you have to wash them otherwise you'll have nothing to drink out of the following day...and the vicious cycle continues. This genius cup scrubber makes getting clean cups easier so you won't be cursing these messy bessies quite as much.

The scrubber comes with two scrubbers - one for the inside of the cup and one for the outside! The inside scrubber is round to ensure it gets into all the nooks and crannies of your cup and cleans out any left over sticky residue (thank you children for letting your juice sit in that cup for hours…). The outside scrubber is flat and designed to clean the rim and outside surfaces of the cup. With just a quick plunging and twisting of the cup you have a fresh and ready-to-use cup again!

The best part of this scrubber...the suction cups! The two brushes are attached to a single base that has three suction cups attached to it. This allows you to attach the scrubber to the side or bottom of your sink, or even the counter next to your sink - wherever you find it easiest to do your cup scrubbing! The suction cups allow you to clean cups with one hand and to get good scrubbing action without worrying about the scrubbers getting dislodged.

The whole scrubber is 17.5 cm tall by 14 cm wide so it is sure to fit in any kitchen and will clean any size cup you have on hand. The scrubber heads can be removed to allow for easy cleaning. 

No one enjoys doing dishes, but with this cup scrubber it will become a little more tolerable...and hey, it's so easy you might even be able to get those pesky housemates to do wash their own (we can always dream right…).

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