Disposable Travel Soap Bars - One Use Paper-Thin Soap Bars - 2 Containers of 50 Travel Soap Bars Each

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As summer turns to fall, there are two big ways to ring in the season. The first is to eat and drink everything pumpkin spice while donning your favorite plaid shirt or chunky sweater. The second is to stock up on hand sanitizer, soap, and Lysol wipes in an effort to try and ward off any cold or flu germs that you come into contact with. The problem is how do you keep your defenses up while you're out getting that pumpkin spice latte?!

One-time-use travel soap bars - Paper-thin travel soap bars

Hand sanitizer has long been the go to travel germ defender, but the liquid gel container usually aren't spill proof and using sanitizer turn your once supple hands into a desert wasteland of dry skin. Thanks to these paper thin travel soap "bars" you can now keep your hands free of germs while also keeping your purse and pockets free of spilled hand sanitizer!

One-time-use travel soap bars - Paper-thin travel soap bars

The carrying case is so small you can carry it around easily and comfortably in that small pocket of your jeans (you know, that one that usually serves no purpose). The container also has a small key-ring loop so you can attach it to your keys or other lanyard to make sure you never leave home without protection (against germs).

One-time-use travel soap bars - Paper-thin travel soap bars

The paper-thin soap cases come in many different colors, though with each purchase, a random color will be chosen for you. Possible color options are blue, yellow, orange, pink, and purple.

One-time-use travel soap bars - Paper-thin travel soap bars

Where could you use this travel soap - oh the possibilities are endless. But, we did come up  with some great ideas:

  • Day to Day - this is a great germ fighter to throw in your purse, work bag, or diaper bag to make sure you're never left without (think public restrooms that always seem to be out of...well, everything). 
  • Travel - throw this little pack in your luggage or travel bag to use as a refresh after a long flight or train ride. 
  • Camping - when space and weight are both of importance, carry this soap to keep clean while traveling light

One-time-use travel soap bars - Paper-thin travel soap bars

How Long Does Each Container Of Travel Soap Last?

Each container holds 20 "bars" of paper thin disinfecting soap that only require that you add water to suds up and wash both your troubles and the germs away. So really however long it takes you to wash your hands 20 different times.

  • 2 Containers of travel soap bars
  • One-time-use travel soap bars
  • Paper thin disinfecting soap bars
  • Multiple colors (random color with purchase)
  • 20 "bars" of soap per package (x2)
  • Use it as a key-ring
  • Fits easily into pocket, bag, purse, backpack, and more
  • The soap case measures 2.36 inches long x 1.57 inches wide

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